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1970 Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO
Engine90° V-eight-cylinder
Displacement (bore*stroke)6.548 cm³ (104,6 mm * 95,3 mm)
Compression ratio10,25 : 1 (petrol)
Engine controlohv (chain)
Valves2 per cylinder
CoolingLiquid, pump circulation, 17.3 litres
LubricationPump circulation, main flow oil filter, 4,7 litres
Maximum torque510 Nm at 3000 rpm
Maximum performance193 kW (263 HP) at 4500 rpm
TransmissionAutomatic three-speed, optional four-speed manual
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal,
Rear drive
Wheelbase2.845 mm
Turning circle l/r13.200/13.100 mm
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionRigid axle, coil springs
SteeringBall circulation
Brakes f/rDiscs/drums, brake booster
Wheels8.25 - 14
Length5.154 mm
Width1.948 mm
Height1.328 mm
Payload585 kg
Kerb weight1.800 kg + driver
Tank capacity81 litres
Maximum speedApprox. 210 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 29,000 DM
Year of manufacture1970
Electric system12 V/ 61 Ah/ 440 W

One should think that this vehicle is particularly easy to operate. Just get in and press the gas pedal. But already there the problems started. According to American SAE standard the engine had 350 HP. The torque was indicated with 510 Nm according to DIN. If yet a weight distribution of 56 : 44 was added, you can easily figure out that even at high speeds and slightly greasy road, the wheels spun.

Ex factory you could indeed also order a limited slip differential, but whether that changed basically a lot and above all, how long? Nevertheless, this Pontiac drove away more or less all car brands, which had big names in Germany at that time. Even though this was not even the most powerful version. One was yet able to increase to 8.2 litres displacement. However, a question arises then something more pressing, namely how it was to manage with this chassis and these brakes?

The rigid axle was not longer suspended on leaf springs, but still requires considerateness in the road curves. Here the European sport suspensions could gain ground again. In the speed-limited North America it was still worse. There one used up front drum brakes, less suitable tyres and chassis. And although the body roll in curves was significantly, the driving comfort could not quite convince, not to mention the very indirect and too smooth steering.

So, a typical car from USA of that time. The engine with its automatic was a source of joy. Who liked an engine with always more than the necessary torque on demand and with slightly sporty sound, for him the car could come into consideration, provided the tolerance of a consumption significantly lower than 30 litres/100 km but hardly less than 20 litres/100 km. Plus the dimensions according to the motto, outside much larger than inside.

There were even more Pontiacs at that time, the one probably could not leave, if one had not found a transverse parking space. Whether the were better processed? Doors were somehow fitted, the main thing, they closed reliably. But already in the basic equipment compensate electrical helpers e.g. at the driver's seat and the exterior mirrors. By the way, GTO means 'Gran Turismo Omologato', has been taken over by Ferrari and suited quite well, at least the first both terms. 05/15