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 O   Oc Of Oh Oi Ol On Op Os Ot Ou Ov Ox

Oblique Angle
Octane Number
Offset Screws (rim)
OHC (overhead camshaft)
OHC-control (camshaft)
OHV (hanging valves)
Oil (driving preparation)
Oil (lubrication)
Oil Change Unnecessary?
Oil Cooling
Oil Exploitation
Oil Filter (classic)
Oil Filter (lubrication)
Oil Level Sensor
Oil Scraper Ring (piston)
Oil-bath Air Filter (picture)
Oldtimer restoration
OnBoard-Diagnosis (additional information)
OnBoard-Diagnosis (legal regulation)
OnBoard-Diagnosis II (Europe)
One Joint Swing Axle
One-arm Swinging Fork (motorcycle suspension)
Online-car Repair Tester
Open Deck (cylinder block)
Operating (steering wheel with buttons)
Operating Assistent
Operational Safety (lifting platform)
Opposed Four-cylinder Engine
Oscilloscope (principle)
OT (top dead center)
Outboard Motor
Outer Combustion
Outer Mixture Preparation
Outlet stroke (4-stroke engine)
Outside Planetary (axle drive)
Overdrive (suspension)
Overrun Brake (reversing)
Overrun Brake (trailer)
Oxidation (waste gas detoxification)
Oxidation Catalyst (waste gas detoxification)

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