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Racing (American V-8 engine)
Racing Car with Direct Injection (Le Mans-winner)
Rack and Pinion Steering
Radar (basic principles)
Radial Blower (air cooling)
Radial Engine (multiple cylinder engine)
Radial-ply Tire
Radiator Fan
Rail (Diesel injection)
Rail (work on Diesel engine)
Range-change Gearbox (commercial vehicle)
Range-change Injection
Rapeseed Oil Fuel
Ratio of a Mixture (air, fuel)
Ravigneaux Gear Set
Rear Axle (driven) (picture)
Rear Engine (drive assembly)
Rear-Wheel Drive (suspension)
Rear-mounted Group
Rectangle (formulary)
Rectangle Prism (formulary)
Reduction (waste gas detoxification)
Reed Switch (electronics)
Reed Switch (turn indicator system)
Reflexion Damper (exhaust system)
Refrigerant (air condioner)
Relative Pressure
Release Bearing (clutch)
Repair (disc brake)
Repair (starter)
Repair (turbocharger)
Repair (vibration silencer)
Repair Bench (body repair)
Repair Bench (working)
Resistance (formulary)
Resonance Damper (exhaust system)
Respirable Dust (particulate filter)
Responding Behavior (turbo charger)
Resting- and Steering Time
Retarder (truck)
Rigid Axle (coil springs)
Rigid Axle (front)
Rigid Axle (suspension)
Rim Offset
Rims (drop-center)
Rims (hump)
Rims (taper bead seat)
Ripped Belts (power transmission)
Ro 80 (rotary piston engine)
Road (anti lock system)
Road Adherence (all-wheel drive)
Road Traffic (driving preparation)
Roadster (cabriolet)
Rocker (valvetrain)
Rocker Arm (valvetrain)
Roller Cell Pump (petrol injection)
Roller Drag Lever (picture)
Roller Drag Lever (valvetrain)
Roller Rocking Lever (american V-8 engine)
Rolling (suspension)
Rolling Resistance (formulary)
Rolling Test Stand (test of brakes)
Rolling of Variable Metal Plate Depth
Rollover Bar (Cabriolet)
Rollover-Protection (ESP)
Rollover-protection (adjustable)
Rolls Royce
Romain Coach (picture)
Roots Charger (picture)
Roots Charger (supercharging)
Rotary Piston Engine (Ro80)
Rotary Piston Engine (alternative drive)
Rotary Piston Engine (alternative drive)
Rotary Vibration Damper
Rotation Speed Dependent Adjustment (ingition)
Rotation Speed Difference (anti lock system)
Rotor-type Pump (revolving displacement device)
Rotors (roots charger)
ROZ (antiknock quality)
Rubber Spring System (suspension)
Runflat Tyre
Running-in (driving preparation)

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