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Ferrari California

Ferrari California
EngineV eight-cylinder(90°)
Displacement, Bore * stroke4297 cm³(94,0 mm * 77,4 mm)
CrankshaftOffset 180°
Compression12,2 :1
Engine control2 *DOHC
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Torque485 Nm at 5000 rpm
Power338 kW (459 HP)at 7750 rpm
Drivetrain designFront engine, transaxle drive
ClutchRear double clutch
TransmissionSequential seven-speed
Front suspensionTransversal, longitudinal arms
Rear suspensionMultilink
BrakesCeramic brakes
Wheelbase2670 mm
Wheels f/r245/40 ZR 19
285/40 ZR 19
Length4563 mm
Width1902 mm
Height1308 mm
Tank capacity78 liter
Payload volume min/max250/360 liter
Maximum speed310 km/h
ManufactureSince 2008

The type name 'California' has there been 50 years ago already, but certainly was the Ferrari not like today. So many changes at once are rare at Ferrari. V8 front engine, this with direct fuel injection, seven-speed with double-clutch, metallic retractable roof with access from the baggage room to the rear seats, what you want in this vehicle class anymore?

Not quite new is the manettino (Italian: hand lever), but the possibility to move a Ferrari with a very high level of comfort and still relatively quickly. It aims to target a women's quota of 25 percent. They would then pay indeed for the image of driving a Ferrari, but still not in a low gear, hard and with plenty of sound chase around the curves.

Of course, all these capacities this car has and can be produced by two additional block steps at the steering wheel. Then you have to act on your own at 8000 rpm, otherwise the expensive piece over rev in the front of the engine compartment. Therefore, there are still rocker switches on the steering wheel and in this mode the switching is changed in a way that you feel like sitting in a Formula 1 car.

Nevertheless,this Ferrari is one of the most suitable for everyday use. Rear is a little space for two children and if you fold the rear seats forward, fit the indispensable for America two golf bags in the luggage compartment. Saves one in this way the second or rather the third car, so it is easier to spend the in Germany necessary € 180,000.

The folding roof made of aluminum, as indeed the whole body is noteworthy. The construction makes the car when required not only a of environmental influences well isolated coupe, it is also said to be a little lighter than the soft top of the 430 Spider.