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1947 Ferrari 125 S

The statement this is the first Ferrari is not so very true. An earlier car is created in the first company of Enzo Ferrari, the Auto Avio Costruzioni. This however based much on the Fiat 508 C and except the engine almost untouched leaves the chassis, undercarriage and drive train. Two 1100 cc are united to a V8 with 1.5 liter displacement. There are reported 53 kW (72 hp) for his efforts.

From 1945 is planned far-sighted and one proposes to improve the preparation for racing. During its career were created in total three 125 S, the body for all made by Touring. After the first constructor works again at Alfa, another former engineer, Giuseppe Busso stands in and leads the sisyphus work to an end.

Other countries, like for example France forbid in this time the building of those cars. You do not know how Ferrari alone could obtain the resources. Mentioned is the modest work of the suppliers and ignition problems. There were probably some more. These to solve little by little talk for the team and the one who brings it together.

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