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1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Actually, at first only the engine is named after the son of Enzo Ferrari 'Alfredino'. He should have worked at the engine until shortly before his death in 1956. It is designed for the Formula 2 season of 1957. The racing power train has a cylinder angle of 65° and only 1.5 liter displacement. In 1958/61 it has triumphs in Formula 1, partly with 'normal' cylinder angle of 120° and 2.5 liters. Later it will be used in race car as mid-engine however, less successful.

For the Formula 2 season of 1967 an additional production figure of 500 is required for the engine block. Fiat adopts the engine and use it - still with 180 hp - for its Dino (Coupe/Spider) from 1966, as a front-engine with very conventional chassis frame.

One can really comprehend the origin of the Ferrari Dino 246 GT/GTS from racing. It is the first mid-engine racing car of the company, as a series production car available and of course with other engine data designed for more durability. Although the car (engine) the father very much reminds of his son, he gives many Dino signs on its way, but he refused the appellation 'Ferrari'. A major reason is the skepticism of Ferrari against mid- engines. He thinks them simply too dangerous.

There's another car with the same engine, the Lancia Stratos. It's amazing that the 246 GT/GTS of all things dwarfed them all, including in terms of production figures.

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