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1947 Ferrari 340 Mexiko

Ferraris of the time have very different bodies despite similar carcase. The styled by Michelotti and by Vignale in aluminium performed differs inter alia by the low arrangement of the marker lamps compared to the headlights. In some subsequent models was even the bumper (as hint) still about and equal to the upper edge of the headlights.

The car is part of a suicide mission, which performs the still relatively small company Ferrari to gain ground to the American continent. One had won the second Carrera Panamericana, 3600 km spread over five days. This time, the third, one get with the last of three remaining Ferrari's at least the third place behind two Mercedes 300 SL. The two drivers are Chinetti and Lucas, and the results probably have been made with a view to the American market.

The engine is the second version of Ferrari's twelve-cylinder engine, this time with a larger gauge. The displacement is even increased for the formula racing cars to 4.5 liters. But with approximate 3.600 km road race within the borders of Mexico, it is more on durability. Therefore, displacement and compression are withdrawn. Still, it has by changes at the camshafts and carburetors about 44 kW (60 hp) more than the normal version.

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