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1948 Ferrari - Engine 125 S

No sooner the war has ended, Ferrari Enzo engaged the former engine builder of Alfa Gioachino Colombo and plans with him to construct a V-twelve-cylinder. The Alfa 159 as the main competitor has an eight-cylinder engine with 1.5 liters displacement. With twelve cylinders one hopes for more power.

Even before the company Alfa again hires its former designer, he creates the foundation for the later success of Ferrari. Purely by chance Alfa also has a V-12 in its program before the war, which makes easier the work for Colombo. One might therefore see again the foundation of Ferrari's success at Alfa.

Nevertheless remains the extraordinary idea of a vehicle with a twelve-cylinder and 1.5 liter displacement to present relative shortly after the war. Where almost certainly everybody has other problems. The new beginning in Formula 1 is not yet in sight and regulations one may only guess. Obviously sufficient is the possibility of superiority over the pre-war Alfa.

It is said that at first the Ferrari engine comes and only then the rest of the engine and the chassis with the underbody. The engine is certainly a sensation and as the later history shows, extremely upgradable. It has elsewhere been proud if a jet engine achieved in the course of development double the power. At Ferrari quintupled this value e.g. by the enormous dispacement growth and that mainly in one season.

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