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1948 Ferrari 166 MM

This car has won more races than its few predecessors. While the number '166 'refers to the single displacement, with the' MM' is meant the victory in 1948 in the Italian long-distance travel Mille Miglia. However, the car looks different than above shown. This is the version built by Touring, to give a common face the until then various forms of appearance. Then you win both in 1949, the Mille Miglia and Le Mans.

This Ferrari is also called the first face of the company. The body has not only a forward-looking design, it also influences other coachbuilders e.g. AC. In addition, it is produced as a super lightweight version of very thin aluminum sheets with a reinforcing tube carcase to the outer edges. Thus, the car basically has two frames, one for drive and suspension and a second therewith connected, which reinforce the sheets. Superleggera (super light) this calls the company Touring and holds relevant patents.

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