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Ganz neu ...

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Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550
EngineV-twelve-cylinder (65°)
Displacement5474 cm³
Bore * stroke88 * 75 mm
Compression10,8 : 1
Engine control2 DOHC
Valves4 per cylinder
Engine managementBosch motronic
Intake sidevariable
LubricationDry sump, dual intake pumps
Torque569 Nm at 5000 rpm
Performance357 kW (485 HP)
Rated speed7250 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear-wheel drive, transaxle
Axle driveLimited slip diff (-erential), detachable anti-slip adjustment
DamperElectro-hydraulic adjustable
BrakesDiscs, ventilated
Tyres (in front)255/40 ZR 18 (8,5")
Tyres (rear)295/35 ZR 18 (10,5")
Wheelbase2500 mm
Length4550 mm
Width1935 mm
Height1177 mm (Coupe)
1258 mm (Barchetta)
Drag coefficient0,33 (Coupe)
Tank capacity114 litres
WeightApprox. 1690 kg (Coupe)
Construction period1996 - 2001
Barchetta since 2000
Maximum speedApprox. 320 km/h (Coupe)
300 km/h (Barchetta)
CO2-emission530 g/km
PriceApprox. 400.000 DM
Successor575 Maranello

The Spider at Ferrari is now 'Barchetta' and will not appear at the same time with the 550, but 4 years later. But it is still almost a increase of the 550-beauty. Just look at the more than half-height reaching A-pillars. This is the top model with a corresponding comfort for the interior equipment. A classic Grand Tourismo.
Many years after the Daytona Ferrari returns back to the front engine, actually the only rational solution for a twelve-cylinder, which still should be usable in everyday life. Although Ferraristi would not do it, but a few crates of beer fit even in the relatively low trunk. To achieve a better weight distribution, the transmission was banished to the rear under the bottom of the luggage trunk.
Who drives a car like that? With a few exceptions the one who can afford apart from the purchase price, the enormous workshop and insurance costs. Why a fuel consumption of 20 litres/100 km on this car is still more tolerable, shows the following example: The running costs are in fact clear when one put as a basis the rent for such a vehicle as, e.g. 700 Euro for 150 km. There are yet more than 30 liters of fuel hardly worth mentioning, even if they would cost € 50 would. Obviously, many Ferraris reach only modest annual mileage. What checks its durability not especially.
Is it really suitable for everyday life? What in the photos not to come into, is the enormous width of the vehicle. The parking is already difficult particularly with the F1 gear changing of the 575. Mainly the thoughts, who is parking next to it and may carelessly tears open the door. The trunk is sufficient, the interior is very comfortable, acceptable even for somewhat larger people. The elegant start to drive needs to be practiced a little. There particularly the acceleration. The clutch is not very smooth.
Driving one can enjoy, even in the city, but even more on country roads. The engine all, from sophisticated to unmannerly, from the sixth gear at 50 km / h to the third gear at 160 km / h, from throaty to roaring. Actuated bypass flaps in the exhaust are only necessary at the appropriate engine.
Already on the country road you drive fast. Is it wide enough, often are short straights enough to overtake. Unfortunately there is a speed limit. If I would be a bad tempered policeman, I would wait at the Ferrari rental and drive behind the customers. Very enjoyable it is on the highway. There are cars, you do not really notice the driven speed. In addition, other road users force you to take over, because they continuous make space. So the problem is, that the free 150 km are over much faster than with an ordinary car. And this at these prices.

Ferrari 575 M Maranello
Displacement5748 cm³
Bore * stroke89 * 77 mm
Compression11 : 1
Torque589 Nm at 5250 rpm
Performance379 kW (515 HP)
Rated speed7250 rpm
TransmissionSix-speed, sequentiell with rocker switch (option)
Tank capacity105 liters
Construction period2002 - 2006
Maximum speedApprox. 320 km/h
CO2-emission499 g/km
PriceApprox. 200.000 Euro