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2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

With 4.90 meters a quite long car. But in search of better weight distribution is a lot of volume lost. Anyway, a GT is not a paragon of volume economy. The 612 Scaglietti moves the V-12 in the engine compartment to the back and decreases with clutch and gearbox at the rear axle the trunk to a level smaller than in the mid-engine 430. What remains is a lot of space on the front and little on the rear seats.

For good straight running stabiliy results in a transporter-like wheelbase. The current advertising points out indeed the shutdown of all possible functions, (e.g. traction control) for such maneuvers on the race track, but this Ferrari is not really capable with over 1.8 tons despite Aluminum body. Aggressive too little, too much focused on Grande Tourismo. If then at least the processing would be passionate, one could even live with it.

There have been repeated attempts at Ferrari to offer a four-seater. Formally the 612 Scaglietti can be seen certainly as succeeded. The company Pininfarina is still masterful in the creation of relatively soft, elegant lines. Compare the concave surfaces with those of a BMW 1 series or the transition of the wing fold into a bead below the grille with those of the Opel Astra G. And after such a successful layout of the cooling air inlet system ou can probably search for long.

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