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Audi S1

Audi S1
EngineIn-line four-cylinder engine
Displacement1.984 cm³
Engine controldohc, 4 valves per cylinder
Mixture preparationDirect injection
Torque370 Nm at 1600-3000 rpm
Performance170 kW (231 HP) at 6000 rpm
CO2-emission162-168 g/km
Drive trainFront engine, transversal, all-wheel drive
Transmission6-speed (manual)
Front suspensionMc Pherson
Rear suspensionFour-link
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated, ABS, ESP, EBV, Hill Start Assist
Wheels215/40 R 17 (7,5") bis
225/35 R 18 (7,5")
Wheelbase2.469 mm
Length3.975 mm
Width1.770 mm
Height1.417 mm
Tank capacity45 litres
Load volume210 litres
Payload450 kg
Kerb weight1390/1415 kg incl. driver/in
Top speed250 km/h
Purchase price29.950 Euro
Year of manufactureFrom 2014

Perhaps one could summarise the development in the automobile industry like this: Anything that promises a degree of success, is tried out. The call it: occupy niches. There are however, disadvantages that come with this method, e.g., high development costs that the manufacturer has to carry, if the model flops out.

Now, what has this comment got to do with the Audi-S1? The S1, like the A1, is based on the architecture of the VW-Polo. A long time ago, it was decided that this series would be spared an all-wheel drive. As you can see, a covenant like this doesn't stand a chance against the avarice for new models or new combinations.

Of course, the way is now also free for a VW-Polo with this drive-train. At the same time, it also means that, once again, the concern is creating internal competition. It's actually quite interesting, to compare the S1 with the most sporting all-wheel drive VW-Golf, the Golf R.

Let's not begin with the performance of the Golf R with its 221 kW (300 hp), the Audi S1 would appear to have no chance at all. Indeed, when you look at the torque difference of only 10 Nm, it should be quite clear, at which point the Golf R engine starts to get worried. That's right, up to 3000 rpm, both are coequal.

Even more so, when you consider that there is a weight difference of 90 kg between the two. Convinced? If not, then perhaps the price difference of € 18.000 might help. Certainly, this calculation has not been made with identically fitted cars and the Golf R is a lot more impressive than the S1, even though the S1 is an Audi and not a VW.

Lay out another €1.000, and you can get the S1 as a Sportback. At least the flooring of the Audi did not have to be raised. They sacrificed the increasingly unnecessary spare-wheel tub and arranged the fuel tank around the now present drive shaft. Because of the extensive alterations to the bodywork however, they had to swallow the bitter pill of having a weight increase of around 200 kg.

If a model takes on the VW-heritage, then all the way. Thus, all the delicacies of the Haldex-GenV have been included here. A torque distribution is possible, which is infinitely variable right up to a purely rear-wheel drive. In addition, there is a braking intervention, which not only stabilises the car when cornering, but can also even make the steering more agile. If you still see this as an alternative to the Golf R, it may be wise to give the matter I bit more thought. 04/14