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1970 Audi 100 Coupé

The car was presented one year after the sedan at the IAA 1969 in Frankfurt. However, it took just a short year before the first cars were delivered. A lot of effort had been made to turn the relatively good sedan into a chic Italian coupé. The chassis is significantly shorter than the sedan, the length had shrunk by almost 20 cm.

The low weight and the lower roof line behind a flatter windscreen were praised. This results in a top speed that is only higher than the factory specification for the first models. Later, exhaust regulations apparently forced the elimination of one of the two carburettors and limited the performance somewhat.

The engine is described as not completely heat resistant, because the enlargement of the bore compared to the sedan obviously limited the cooling too much. Unfortunately, high temperatures also stressed the disk brakes, especially in the automatic version. Otherwise, the same applied to this coupé as to many vehicles of that time: rust, rust, rust.

It's a shame about a car that seems to stand out a little from the brand's braces image. But you can't go inside, then everything is back, the perforated plastic roof covering from Beetle times, the seats made of similar material, in this case sweaty. However, the dashboard of the limousine takes the cake with the wood veneer imitated in plastic.

Too bad the company doesn't also show inside what it's capable. But apparently they have already arrived at an additional price of 4,000 DM and think they can no longer expect potential customers to pay more. So the new one looks more like a Ford Osi than a Fiat Dino. Perhaps the Audi Coupé had the sprint power in common with the latter, if it was possible to bring the power of the front-wheel drive to the ground from the beginning on.

No, the car was not exported to the USA, only the sedan with the four-eyes-face, which would have made the supply of spare parts much easier for later fans. The manufacturer didn't support them very well. This is the disadvantage of a model so thoroughly separated from the limousine. After all, despite its relatively modest acceptance, it has experienced an astonishing series of model maintenance. 12/19

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