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1974 Audi 50

You may already name it 'incredible' what is possible to place on only 3.5 meters in length. This includes a lively, more than 150 km/h fast engine in the most powerful version, five people inside, if the front passengers take some consideration and then yet their luggage up to almost 300 liters.

However, this requires a change in thinking, you can not unthinkingly takes over parts from previous constructions. An example might be the transverse drive with unequal length drive shafts, another the light rear axle, creating space for secure housing of the tank.

What's special about this car, apart from the price, is the manufacturing quality, which has never been seen before in this class. So one has even managed, to dam effectively the ever-present wind noises at highway speed. At the end of the operation of this vehicle is rewarded even by low consumption. And the public taste was met as well.

Compare it with the VW Polo.

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