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Audi R8 V10/Plus

Let's put the much quoted genes aside and the relationship to the era of the Silberpfeile (Silver Arrows) as well, because although the drive train was similar, the engine doesn't quite fit in with this. After all, the Silver Arrows had sixteen cylinders and they were charged, whereas one emphasises the fact, that the V10 runs 'freely'. The feeling of freedom and adventure is awakened.

Looking at it soberly, of course the turbo-engine offers the constructors a higher degree of freedom. This can shift the maximum torque much more freely than the normally aspired engine. Fortunately the 5,2 litres has more than enough, so that in everyday driving, one doesn't even notice that the max. torque is only reached at 6.500 RPM. Indeed, the normally aspired engine rewards the driver and passengers with a sound, which the turbo can only offer by using outside help, if at all.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but what Audi, with the newest Evolution-Stage is manufacturing in the divested Böllinger yards, is really very interesting. An engine, which can not only be used for racing, but also for fuel saving, e.g., through both direct- and indirect injection, a 'sailing-function' from 55 km/h onwards and the closing down of a complete bank of cylinders. An accordingly cleverly devised cooling- management will make this possible.

Then there's the other drive-tract, probably with extreme opening- or closing times for both clutches together with the seven-speed gearbox. And, last but not least, the revised all-wheel drive, which distributes the torque continuously, if necessary however, also 100% to the front- or the rear wheels.

Only the 'Space Frame' is out, long live the combination of aluminium and CFRP (carbon). BMW uses it in the i3 and the i8, but at least Audi, with the R8, is not far behind. The dry-weight is given at 1.454 kg, according to the manufacturer, 50 kg less than the predecessor. Together with the other ingredients, a good basis for the new R8 LMS, according to the new GT3-regulations. 02/15

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