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History - DKW 1

These pages tell about the engineer and businessman, Rasmussen, the making of a medium-sized company a concern between the two world wars. DKW will be the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles and for the most part and base of the Auto Union in 1932. All this is not possible without Jørgen Rasmussen Skafte.

But up to the DKW-production of two- and later fourwheelers, it's a long way. As can be seen from the name Rasmussen was born in Denmark, namely on 07.30.1878 in Nakskov on the island of Lolland. The father is a captain and his mother his second wife. The first one died early like the half-brother. From this marriage there is still a half-sister, from the present an older sister.

His mother is from big rural origin, the father originally came from modest backgrounds. Rasmussen later love to steam engines can hardly be come from the hiring of the father on the first steam ship of his company, because the dies of a heart attack when the boy is just 1½ years old.

The half-sister is much older than Rasmussen. Through her marriage icreases the bourgeois circles of the family, for him much security at some naivety to which he apparently tends up to a certain age. Towards him one will show a lot of tolerance, from where perhaps his later tendency originates to rapid and sometimes unconventional activities and he probably has not always well thought all the consequences.

The young Rasmussen has a fondness for Germany and settled there in principle after has left behind something like the secondary school and two apprenticeships, the last for a manufacturer of steam engines in Copenhagen. All parts of this education he may not have completed successfully because already with 20 years, he logs onto the Technikum Mittweida. 06/12