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DKW 1000 S

If a manufacturer in earlier times relies relatively abruptly on a particularly streamlined body, then usually something else is behind it than just design. One would bet, the engine is perhaps not very fuel-efficient and so it was probably also in the case of DKW in the post-war period. Similar reasons later gave NSU the chance, to create the Ro 80 in such a masterpiece body.

Look at this DKW 1000 S and compare it to other post-war competitors. However, the disadvantages, too. E.g. the loading volume of the luggage compartment. Under the sheet, however, remains a pre-war model. Even the three-cylinder series engine arranged longitudinally in front of the front axle existed even before the war.

Box frame with all-steel body

In principle, there is nothing to say against the platform except the engine. The front drive was at that time far ahead of the competition and the driving comfort almost already upper class suitable. The body with then- modern panoramic panes, taken from the USA, is called a coupé not only because of the only two doors. 02/17