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Video 1933 W 22
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Wanderer Typ 10/II

Wanderer 8/40 HP
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1940 cm³
Performance29 kW (40 HP)
Rated Speed2800 rpm
ClutchMulti-disc, dry
Transmissionon the floor
BrakesFour wheels
Top speedApprox. 95 km/h
Manufactured1928 - 1929
Sales PriceApprox. 6000 RM

'Wanderer' is the name of the company of the mechanics Winklhofer and Jaenicke in Chemnitz, producing from 1879 milling machines; from 1885 they repair bicycles, and later on also produce them. In 1902 motorcycles are added, at first with a single cylinder engine and from 1910 with two cylinders and complete spring suspensions.

Only in 1913 they enter the car manufacturing market with a 12-HP four cylinder engine. Wanderer numbers its cars with a sequential number, starting with the W1. The first model, called 'little doll', is developed further, always receiving a new number. In the end, after 14 years, the last model features 20 HP. However, there are also bigger models with six cylinders. Up to the union with Audi, Horch and DKW they reach W 11.               Top of page               Index
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