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1968 Audi 100

Although the car does not look like a would-be revolutionary, in a way, it is. Small revolutions are sometimes necessary. For example, when the powerful VW Company neglects its just recently obtained daughter Audi, and just allows them to produce a lot of - in the meantime - outdated Beetles.

Luckily there are sometimes people daring to do something. The history of vehicle technology is full of secret projects on new models. Chief developer Ludwig Kraus and Audi director Leiding are just supposed to perform car body changes on the small Audi. Designing a new upper middle class model is not part of the story. And thus they are anxiously waiting for the day on which they want to get an approval of VW boss Nordhoff to take the car into production. They succeed, in the end, because it concerns a reasonable model for the time which gives a boost to the overall sales figures and is probably the first step for the consolidation of Audi in the premium class.

The car is no longer a favorite to Audi. Indeed, it offers a lot of space in relation to its low weight; however, they believe that its design does not fit in with the level achieved in the meantime. A good thing that there are no longer so many on the road.

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