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Horch 303

Horch 303
EngineIn-line eight-cylinder
Displacement3132 cm³
Bore * stroke65 * 118 mm
Engine controldohc (upright shaft)
Power44 kW (60 HP)
Rated speed3200 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear drive
Wheelbase3450 mm
Superstructural partsSix seats, Pullmann, P.-Cabriolet
Length4700 mm
Width1765 mm
Height1900 mm
Kerb weightApprox. 1900 kg without driver
Maximum speedApprox. 100 km/h
Year of manufacture1926
PresentationBerlin Motor Show 1926
Purchase priceca. 12.000 RM

It is the possibility to match the Americans or outdo them. Because there are mainly six-cylinder in the luxury class. Although Chevrolet does have an (older) eight-cylinder engine, but Henry Ford's V-8 is not yet invented. Thus, the existing engines are not able to hold a candle to the in the Horch 8, as it is called until to the presentation.

Two overhead camshafts are already good and if they are then also still driven space saving by a upright shaft, the better. A typical construction of Daimler's son Paul, who belongs to the company consortium since 1923. Add to this a dignified processing, well visible in the pictures above. The company Horch achieved with these and much more with the rapidly following models a leading market share in the luxury class.               Top of page               Index
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