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Horch 8

Horch 303
EngineInline eight-cylinder
Displacement3132 cm³
Bore * stroke65 * 118 mm
Engine controldohc (vertical shafts)
Performance44 kW (60 HP)
Rated speed2700 rpm
Drive trainFront engine with rear drive
Suspension f/rRigid axle
Length4700 mm
Width1765 mm
Height1900 mm
Kerb weightApprox. 1900 kg
VerbrauchApprox. 17 liter/100 km
Maximum speedApprox. 100 km/h
Purchase price7000 RM
Year of manufacture1926 - 1927

Paul Daimler is the eldest son of Gottlieb Daimler and comes after his study and experiences in the German and Austrian group, that his father founded, and after discrepancies about future development in 1923 to Horch. There he after initial work on aircraft engines involved in the development of inline eight-cylinders.

This engine shall be an important element of the Horch brand, from now on beside Daimler and Maybach an obvious name as a provider in the luxury segment. The engine itself is according to this more tuned for comfort and minimal noise than to high performance. Herein is probably the sense of the two vertical shafts to be seen. In 1931 he invented even the hydraulic valve lifter, but at that time he has left Horch already three years ago.               Top of page               Index
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