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1964 DKW F 102

The latest in a long gallery of ancestors, which once began with the F1. Before the Second World War they are very successful. After the Second World War the drive concept cannot really match that of the four-stroke engine. In addition to the already well-known problems, there are new problems concerning the durability. Anyway, the engine has never been blessed with a very impressive durability to start with. Its lubrication becomes a problem when the additive does not function properly with low outside temperatures. Soon, the workshop is very well aware of the typical noise of a defective crank mechanism. What does it help that the two-stroke engine is quickly disassembled and assembled again?

The engine is the Achilles heel of the dooming Auto Union. It can be proven by the course of history, because the later Audi vehicles are very similar to the F 102. Yet, they feature four-stroke engines instead of two strokes.

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