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1976 Audi 100

While the predecessor could not really feel to be part of the upper mid-class, with this model it is different. It exceeds already the smallest Mercedes model, although it has only its price level. The second edition of the Audi 100 appears significantly more grown-up, somewhat further away from the respective 80s. Remarkable are the belt line pulled down and the rear triangle window, probably the only relic of the Ro-80 or Wankel time.

New is the five-cylinder in-line engine, also an important milestone to score a class higher. It represents with the somewhat problematic position of the engine front of the front axle a good compromise. It does not have the power of a six cylinder but also protrudes less far forward. Being a diesel engine, it is the bridge to an economical engine, already indispensable in this class at the time.

Only the coupe there is now no longer. Perhaps it is more difficult to develop from the much edgier shape. Incidentally the has been already prepared through the last versions of the first Audi 100. Unfortunately, it has a huge disadvantage, namely a cW-value of 0.42, the does not fit into the fuel-saving world after the oil price crisis of 1974.

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