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  2014 Audi Q7

Audi Q 7
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal, all-wheel drive, permanently
TransmissionConverter automatic eight-speed
Suspension f/rFive-link, all-wheel steering, air suspension (optional)
Wheelbase2.990 mm
Wheels f/r235/65 R 18 (7,5")
Length5.050 mm
Width1.970 mm
Height1.74 mm
Drag coefficient0,32
Tank capacity100 litres
Kerb weightFrom 1.995 kg incl. driver
Purchase priceFrom 61,000 euros
Year of manufactureFrom 2015

Since middle class SUVs enjoy such great popularity, the of the luxury class begin to shrink. However, 37 mm less in length and 15 mm less in width do not explain the alleged 325 kg weight saving. Incidentally, at the smallest diesel of the sister model Touareg, it is just 40 kg. Current BMW will have economised 200 kg on the latest 7 series.

From outside you already can see or better suspect at a glance the saving perhaps at the giant tailgate that extends far around the D-pillar and takes the complete lighting units in the rear end. If you know now, it is made of aluminum, a part of the weight saving is already clarified.

After all, Audi gives with just under 2 tons an EC kerb weight, what is indeed around 300 kg under the however, from 2005. One lists embarrassing exactly where was saved everywhere, mainly at the body, of course, by aluminum. This material also helps the completely changed chassis. However, the 100 kilogramme presented here are indeed a tremendous value, twice as good invested here.

Probably, one has calculated out the new all-wheel steering. Unusual, but if so, then with certainty best placed in large SUVs. Up to one metre less turning circle might already be felt in city traffic. Maybe also the same- direction steering movement to the front wheels at higher speed.

Of the initially deliverable V6 engines and the automatic converter one could announce the fine work. Compare by yourself performance and CO2 value. We restrict ourselves in handling and the once again upgraded interior on the electronics. Since there are screens in 7 or 12.3" format. There will also help the emergency calls within Audi connect in future, vice versa the remote control of certain functions.

Really new, but at first glance not spectacular, the feedback-giving MMI control. You can feel when operating the rotary push-button the confirmation of a command literally in the fingers. And again is to learn with 'haptic feedback' a new term. Of course, a audible confirmation also belongs to it.

Many potential input channels are possible, including eight free programmable buttons, a steering wheel with operation complex equipped and the still relatively new gesture control. Of course, you can also touch the touchscreen - and clean afterwards. The voice control should also understand everyday phrases and there is the Audi tablet for the rear seats when required. The instruments behind the wheel, however, are still not replaced by a display. 12/14