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Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

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Audi Q3

Audi Q 3
Engine typeIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1984/1984 cm³ (petrol)
1968/1968 cm³ (diesel)
Torque280/300/320/380 Nm at 1700-4200/1800-4900/1750-2500/1750-2500 rpm
Performance125/155/103/130 kW (170/211/140/177 hp) at 4300-6200/5000-6200/4000/4200 rpm
CO2-emission174/179/138/156 g/km
TypeFront engine, longitudinal, front-/all-wheel drive
TransmissionManual six-speed, sequential seven-speed
Wheel-base2.603 mm
Turning circle11.800 mm
Length4.385 mm
Width1.831 mm
Drag coefficient0,32
Height1.608 mm
Payload510 kg
Kerb weight1.525-1660 kg incl. driver
Top speed212/230/202/212 km/h
Year of constructionFrom 2011
Purchase priceFrom 30.000 Euro

Undercarriage from the Tiguan ...

Because in the group exists still a series below the A4 respectively Q5, within the Audi board of management one recognizes, the number of SUVs are still not complete. The result is the Q3, which originates from the A3/Golf base frame. At least you can buy it also as a front-wheel drive. Its right to exist compared to the Q5, relates to the by another 20 cm shrunken wheelbase, even more reduced in length and with comparable equipment saving € 5000. Audi recommends it with the designation 'Urban City SUV' more for the city.

Difference to Q5 can best be seen on the headlight ...

The first picture above reminds us of the actual determination of such vehicles, the slightly heavier terrain, where the smaller Q3 in principle is likely to be more suitable for this than the large Q7. Unfortunately, he does not have enough ground clearance for really rough terrain. But what the above image shows yet? There is a clear indication of where the action takes place in the future. For the car will not be presented in Frankfurt but in Shanghai, where the prototype is presented four years ago. China already produces more cars than Germany, including the best selling in the world. The music plays just where it is paid for.

The compactness compared to the bigger brother is mainly at the expense of the rear entry, and above all of the luggage compartment. Which is nevertheless deep and with rear seats folded a step. If one smoothes this, is even less space behind the second row of seats, to minimize further by double trunk floor. A real blunder is the even slightly larger turning circle compared to the Q5. Technically this even is not to declare with all-wheel drive at a transverse engine.

However, one thing is the Audi buyer sure, a dignified, even slightly superior interior design above competitors and a high degree of prestige, when the rear appears the 'quattro' signet. After all, the Q3 is regarded as compact class, and by its high seating position gives a better overview. With diesel engine the Quattro additional consumption would then keep in limits and for the vacation of a family of four, there are roof boxes. 01/12