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Wanderer 5/12

Wanderer 5/12
EngineInline four-cylinder
Displacement1306 cm³
Performance11 kW (15 hp)
Rated speed1800 rpm
DrivetrainFront engine with rear drive
Wheelbase2400 mm
Suspension f/rRigid axle, leaf springs
BrakesDrums (only rear)
Length3300 mm
Width1300 mm
Height1400 mm
Basic weight700 kg
ConsumptionApprox. 9 litres/100 km
Top speedApprox. 80 km/h
Sales price7000 RM
Manufactured1913 - 1927

The company exists already since 1885 in Chemnitz. Around 1912 the factory produces machines for machine tools, bicycles and motorcycles. Entering the car production market is a well thought off decision and preceded gradually. There are precursors of the vehicle shown above which, however, were believed not to manage large sales figures. In 1911/12 a variation develops which is held consciously easy, enlarging the group of potential clients. Its nickname is 'Little doll', featuring at first two seats one after the other.

The seat arrangement is not unusual for that time. Peugeot develops a similar model, designed by Ettore Bugatti. This vehicle was offered to Wanderer, but they refused. Judging by the first extensive test journeys in 1912, Wanderer managed to create a solid vehicle.

Indeed, you should not romanticize the journeys with such a car in bad weather conditions. There is just one door on the left and the roof is fastened in front with two loops. The car remains open at its sides and also the substance roof is not necessarily watertight. The design is not altered considerably up to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, only in the rear space is created for two seats side by side like with the model shown on top.

But the designers have given the car two famous features: speed and solidity. The former it demonstrates at the first extended test drives through the Alps, where partly the heavy support vehicle can not keep up. Unbelievable, how easy the car takes the at that time still unpaved pass roads. At the top it should have even been praised by the overtaken.

More than 2000 kilometers without any major failures on difficult terrain at the time a rarity. Therefore, soon the car gets the name of the protagonist in Jean Gilbert's operetta created in 1912 in which "little doll" is described as 'apple of my eye' that one really very likes. From 1914, the four-cylinder has nearly 5 x 262 cc = 1310 cc with 11 kW (15 hp) and thus fully uses the borders of the 5-hp tax. It remains in production after all 11 years, however, from which four are war years. 06/12               Top of page               Index
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