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1964 DKW F 12 Roadster

The roadster is introduced one year after the saloon. There are few differences between them. For one thing, there is, of course, the missing roof, furthermore, there is freewheel and the stronger engine, although the cubic capacity remains. The power increase comes about by a little higher compression, larger channels with changed valve timing and slightly higher revs. The maximum speed does not follow suit, because the roadster is, indeed, lower, but not as streamlined. The low weight increase of just 5 kilos is interesting. The roof is delivered, by the way, by the company Baur in Stuttgart to Ingolstadt for the final assembly.

Free wheel

Freewheel is comparable in function to that of a bicycle. It preserves us from having to co-pedal downhill. The engine of the DKW is not fully freed downhill, but turns at idling speed. If one releases the accelerator pedal fully downhill, the lubrication is nearly cut to zero what would put an end to a highly rotary engine. Disadvantage is the missing engine brake.

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