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  Audi Allroad quattro

Audi Allroad
Displacement, bore * stroke
Compression ratio
Engine control
Mixture preparation
Drive trainFront engine, longitudinal, permanent all-wheel drive
TransmissionManual 6-speed, automatic 5-speed (optional), low range gearing (1250 )
Front suspensionFour-link, air suspension
Rear suspensionDouble wishbone, air suspension
SteeringGear rack, servo
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
Wheelbase2.757 mm
Turning circle11.700 mm
Wheels205/55 R 16 (6,5")
Length4.810 mm
Width1.852 mm
Height1.551 mm
Drag coefficient * surface0,36 * 2,30 m
Tank capacity
Luggage compartment min/max455/1590 litre
PayloadApprox. 630 kg
Kerb weight1795-1860 kg incl. driver
Top speed
Period of construction2000 - 2005
Purchase price
Electric system

Most of the all-rounder look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. You won't believe just what this car can do. However, at the end of this page and after watching the two videos

Yes, you're right, this is a perfectly normal looking A6. It originates from the C5-series (1997-2005) and the estate car manages to look even a bit more conservative than the saloon. The Allroad version also has dark painted bumpers and widened wheel-housings in the same colour.

The only accessories which interfere with the ambience of understatement, are the aluminium underbody protection, the chrome beading at the bottom of the sides and the roof-railings. Indeed, it's now time to deal with the hidden qualities of this car. First of all there is, apart from the large interior, an engine of the same dimensions, the 2,7 litre-Biturbo from the S4 and the S6.

If one does not want to continuously perform heroic deeds, the 2,5 litre-TDI, which in the lower RPM-range is even better, will do the job as well. After a good two years there's another extra, the V8, shortened for the A6 engine compartment (see picture below). Now, all of a sudden, we have an estate car which is capable of almost 240 km/h and has sufficient luggage space.

Now, wait a minute, there's better to come. It is equipped with air-suspension, which not only makes travelling particularly comfortable but which can slowly increase the road clearance. 142 mm clearance becomes up to 208 mm. Thereby, even the fording-depth and the ramp- and slope-angle are increased, which is not exactly ideal in an estate car.

Then we have the all-wheel drive, in Audi permanent of course. Its simplicity and effectivity can't be beaten. Indeed, this was already the case with the introduction of the quattro-drive in civil motor vehicle technology. There is only a transfer-gearbox and no limited slip. The braking intervention takes care of that. It's more than enough for a car, which only occasionally has to compete with off-road vehicles.

The actual highlight seems to be the transfer-gearbox in the middle, together with good software. This gearbox works with a planetary gear-set and can distribute torque. As a rule at a ratio of 50 : 50, it can however, be 33 : 67, or the other way around as well. Now, what do we need, apart from all-wheel drive and road clearance? Dead right, the off-road low ratio gearing, which can be bought as an optional extra.

If you're not quite convinced of the all-round qualities of the Allroad, then you simply must have a look at the video right at the bottom of the page. We ourselves, would not have thought it to be possible, just how well the Audi performed against the really prestigious competition. It obviously depends on the skilful combination of hard- and software. 07/14