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Model Data

  Ford model T 1925

First pickup at all on the basis of the T-model

The T model is driven with three pedals, the left was required for the first gear and the middle for the reverse gear. The brake is then right. A shift lever is not needed, you drive in first gear, but only briefly and then switches to the second almost solely used for which no pedal actuation is required. For this, the engine speed is actuated above the right lever at the steering wheel.

So there is a pedal that is necessary to change the gear. This must be brought in a middle position by easy operation. Then the hand brake acting on the rear axle is released. Now depress the pedal just mentioned, whereby not only the first gear is changed, but also engaged. Thereby do not forget to accelerate. If you now push the handbrake lever all the way forward, you can with the pedal not only fully depressed achieve the first gear, but in the middle position the idle and completely released the second gear.

The left lever on the steering wheel is for the ignition advance.

The hand brake may incidentally be arranged well to the left of the left sitting driver because the American version of the Model T usually has no driver's door. By the way the car is refueled by open passenger door, because the tank is located under the front seat bench on the passenger side. The respective fuel level is determined by using a measuring stick on the depending of the level is specified the residual volume.

Important is the choke, both the on the dashboard and the below left of the radiator. The will operated for cold start and then the engine will rotated three times without ignition being switched on. Then the ignition will turned on and at the left lever the ignition advance (upwards) completely driven back and with some gas and choke pulled the crank operated. Note that when slammed back, arm fractures are not uncommon. This should be avoided by use of the left hand ... 08/13