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50 Years Ford Mustang

It's been 50 years that Ford could repeat the sensational sales success of the model A. One celebrates this with a new fastback coupé and a convertible. And the next good news, both cars will also be offered in Europe next year.

Not easy to create a successor for this now 9 million times sold model of success. What actually represents a Mustang? It is difficult to define. But as soon as you stand in front of its successor, one knows instinctively wether the fits or not.

Shark mouth and trapezoidal radiator grille?

After all, long snouts and a short rear end have many who call themselves sports cars. No, it's rather the front with the typical grill and the shape of the headlights, which is now even more effectively supported by the three fluorescent stripes.

Somehow, I am of the opinion, the daytime running lights has not been invented by security strategist. It was the marketing that has sought for an effective distinction at becoming increasingly similar forms. And since we all drive with illuminated advertising through the country.

At the new Mustang they look very good in any case. The marketing experts are back for the next project. Not only do they launch new coming to market cars in movies ('Need for speed'), now they also still partnered with game manufacturers. In 'Need for Speed Rivals' you can drive the new Mustang already virtually.

The new times you may recognize more by the offered engines. It, who once began with six cylinders, is now supplied in addition to the V8 with a four-cylinder, turbo-charging and direct fuel injection. After all, thus coming together 227 kW (309 HP) and almost even more important 407 Nm of torque.

So do not worry, the shark does not lose its teeth. Close to a minor sensation, the fact that it is finally freed of its rigid rear axle after 50 years. The may perhaps just be tamed in racing versions, but a sports car of the new millennium should already have the modern technology.

Inside is used Fords most advanced multimedia system with an eight-inch screen. In addition to the operation via voice control e.g. the handling of audio, navigation and air conditioning via this screen saves also a lot of unnecessary additional control elements. 03/14

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