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Ford Mustang

A legend on wheels, this sport car appeared first in 1964, actually called 'pony car'. One of the first really cost-effective fun cars with relatively little consideration for the use of more than two people. With 549,000 copies, it had the highest sales figures ever achieved in the first one and a half years and never really surrendered his market leadership with 9.2 million in 50 years.

By the way, it did not come as a direct competition to the Chevrolet Corvette, and his name is derived not from the horse race, but from a fighter aircraft from the Second World War. Its real predecessor is the Ford Falcon, an answer to the needs of the Americans for smaller vehicles and thus, for example, the success of the VW beetle.

GM put on the Corvair with a technology similar to beetle and six cylinders, which turned out gradually in the sales numbers as an abuse. In 1962, the Corvair appeared as a coupé and convertible (Monza) and was again successful. And precisely in this gap in the Ford program comes with an inspiring body of the Mustang.

To attribut he success of the Mustang only to Lee Iacocca, underestimates the performance of the Ford design. Even Henry Ford II makes a contribution as he proposes an additional inch more in lenght for the rear seat bank. He was the one who had mainly prevented the pure two-seater (picture below).

Relatively soon after the series beginning, a higher-compression version of the larger V8 appears with (271 SAE-PS) and a year later the first Shelby version. 02/17