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Ford Fiesta

A facelift with a certain change in the engine equipment. However, the face is not lifted, but rather has been opened more. A large opening in front one actually knows from super sports cars, who do not know what to do with its exhaust heat. This one can exclude for the new Ford Fiesta.

Well, then, such an opening creates the difficult question of the type of cladding that have solved convincingly neither Peugeot nor the super sports cars. Mercedes only offers perhaps with the new A-Class, at least an approach with glittering metal and colour bars. Whether trapezoidal or with rounded edges down, quite convincingly, it is not.

From the new engine series you can not say this now. In particular, the strongest one-liter aggregate (bottom image) gets a lot of praise. It is said to have power even from low engine speed and moderate fuel consumption and all this with for a three-cylinder remarkably low noise levels.

Thus this Ford contradicts the preconception about the brand, namely to deliver a pretty good undercarriage, wherein the engine is evident lagging behind, particularly because of the consumption. Obviously, Ford is really doing something. This can be seen currently also elsewhere, e.g. the growing awards in several NCAP tests (see video below).

The interior of the Ford Fiesta has improved too. Piano lacquer seems to be a preferred solution by several manufacturers. The car shall be grouped apparently higher, with Ford usual, fairly moderate prices. Only the many buttons on the center console are criticized.

One more word about the growing assistants even in this class. In case of danger automatic emergency braking under 15 km/h, partial braking up to 30 km/h, the result of a unremitting foresighted scanning 50 times per second. Additional, that of the U.S. Ford's acquired MyKey-system, which we have even dedicated a separate page.

One should ask themselves slowly, what this class still lacks to be a full-fledged car. Perhaps it is the something arduous reaching the back seat with the two-door. Otherwise, also the Polo has to watch as the top of the class in Germany. 12/12