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1968 Ford Escort

In this model the English family tree is clearly visible. Car tests describe the windows too small and the driving behavior somewhat rough and noisy. The most continental European vehicles will be improved in Genk (Belgium) through targeted additional equipment. In a total of 28 years were produced about 20 million Escorts. The model is given the nickname 'bone' and if you also look at the front, you know why. The standard version is not really exciting. Godfather has been the models Anglia and Cortina and only the outer casing with the hip swing is really new.

The most modern is still the McPherson strut axle with the for Central Europe has given front stabilizer. The rear has a leaf-spring rigid axle. Also the OHV engines from the 'Kent' family are rough, but an amazing turning ability. The wood-film-like interior of the standard design with the somewhat pompous steering-wheel reflects English comfort. To narrow interior is joined by a relatively abundant luggage space. Even that is all made for a really competitive price.

Quite different with the GT models. Changed DOHC engines of Lotus and later with 16 valves from Cosworth the Escort makes more speedy. Given an even much harder suspension, in which the disadvantages of the axle design appeared in the background. A pity that these models at the beginning are available only for British buyers. At the same time successes raise in Rally Championship. The revision of the Escort in the year 1971 will also benefit the basic model. More power and more sportiness in the outfit let appear the somewhat outdated technology in a better light.

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