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Ford Transit

Ford Transit
EngineFour-cylinder V-engine
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Compression ratio
Drivetrain designFront engine, rear drive
TransmissionManual four speed
Front suspensionRigid axle, leaf springs
Rear suspensionRigid axle, leaf springs
Wheelbase27.003.000 mm
Turning circle11.000/11.700 mm
Wheels5 x 7.00-14 (6 PR)
5 x 7.50-14 (6 PR)
5 x 7.50-14 (8 PR)
7 x 6.50-14 (6 PR)
7 x 7.00-14 (6 PR)
7 x 7.50-14 (6 PR)
Length4.425 mm
Width1.960 mm
Height2.040 mm
Tank capacity42 liter
Payload1060-1955 kg
Kerb weight1200-1375 kg + driver
Maximum speed100 km/h

Let's start first with the largest versions. With long wheel base the Transit can transport up to 15 persons including the driver. Those have available not only side window but either also have skylights, panorama called. Of course you can buy the same size as a completely windowless van, at the large capacity cargo panel van even with a high roof.

Particularly important are the possibilities of opening in a van. A maximum of two doors each side-hinged are possible per side, well as sliding doors. Rear is the alternative to the side-hinged doors the large hatchback. Interesting that the doors except the front two can be combined freely. The cargo floor has equal depth, because the V4 drive find place in the short front.

There is an open cargo area particularly low with wheel houses as a recess and higher than smooth and even as an extra tiltable surface. Of course there are also those long or short with cab or crew cab. Of course, incredibly numbers of special bodies are possible. In addition this transporter is only with cab or even just with covering up to and including the framework of the windscreen. From such successful types as the VW Transporter this Ford Transit distances itself clearly. Due to its rigid front axle rather as a truck undercarriage classifiable suspension andcontinuously usable cargo space, it removes from any similarities to vehicles of passenger car category. 04/12               Top of page               Index
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