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168 Ford Taunus 15 M RS

Especially young people do not accept the war paint for a honest series sedan. In fact there is no difference in performance. However, the price is right, despite or because of the extras: high-beam headlamps, sport rims and a center console richly equipped with extra instruments.

Family fathers, however, appreciate the - for that time really enough- 51 kW (70 hp) already as sportive, by reason that the V4 engine pushs itself strong and a little grumpy from the lowest engine speed. The chassis is upgraded in matters of convenience and security, the steering is unfortunately still stiff.

Compare the front of the 1962. It is the third model modification within a total of around 9 years of production. This is the sixth project (P6) from Ford since the beginning after the Second World War. Another Meisterklasse (master class), but will unfortunately not last, because the project front-wheel drive will not be pursued.

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