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2016 Ford GT

The car is defined through its lightweight construction using aluminium and carbon-fibre, including the mid-engine technology from the field of racing cars, it does however, have a straight-lying- instead of a transverse mounted gearbox. Looking from the rear, you can see right through between the wheel coverings and the passenger compartment. In addition, there is the inevitable adjustable rear spoiler and a suspension, that can not only lower the car but can also brace it against the wind when braking.

Despite being very modern, looking at it from above and from the front, its predecessor is still recognisable. Indeed, it doesn't have the other's normal opening doors and also doesn't have the hollow in the roof. The doors open upwards and it doesn't have single seats, they're only integrated into the contour. In return, the pedals and the steering wheel are adjustable and the display unit is freely programmable.

GT, that is the signal, finally, after the futile attempt in 1965, then trump Ferrari with a triple-victory in 1966/68. Before this, there was a takeover attempt which failed because of Ferrari's leadership demands and an unparalleled materials-war. At the introduction of the newest GT, Ford's boss, Mark Fields, even drew a parallel to the year 1901 and Henry Ford's unexpected racing victory.

Only a few of the small series will be available in Europe, let alone find their way into Germany … 01/15

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