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2016 Ford Focus RS

Supposedly there is a demand in the US for 'High Performance Hatchbacks' with particularly strong drive. So the appearance of the new Focus RS there was partly celebrated very enthusiastically, while for experts it is hardly more than a multiply used platform, in this case with the smaller Mustang engine combined with all-wheel drive.

Even the blue color with the metallic sprinkles is somewhat special. In addition, this Focus is produced in Germany, which is still a quality feature for Americans. Furthermore, the aerodynamics, e.g. with extensive encased underbody. In the Focus RS, the platform once again lives on, presumably in this form for the last time.

There is astonishment about the variable seating and/or space concept of such a car, but also about the fact that after folding the rear seats you can hardly push the front rearwards. The non-level loading area with a gap divides this car with many of its conspecifics.

This car is bought because of its perhaps barely affordable performance. 257 kW (350 hp) and e.g. four-piston Brembos front with 350 cm discs and corresponding air supply. However, it requires a little effort, to equip e.g. the front axle for contests with more than 1 degree of negative camber for participation on competitions. The shock absorbers are electronically adjustable, which explains its enormous hardness in track mode.

The all-wheel drive is also not common, because it contains a clutch for each rear wheel side for torque vectoring. However, obviously, the platform did not have enough space for both four-wheel and exhaust, so that the latter had to be restricted in two places, although rear-ending in two pipes, the left one newly and even unavoidable valve controlled.

For those who are usually on the road, the Recaro seats will be appreciated with smooth, durable leather guidance and Alcantara in the middle. However, there are not enough adjustment buttons. On the steering wheel the grip is praised, clutch and gear switch likewise, but the size of the steering wheel blamed. For a twice as expensive car it tastes too much to a normal Focus, which cannot be changed by so many RS stickers.