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Model Data

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo 2014
Displacement, (bore * stroke)
Compression ratio
Engine control
Mixture formation
CO2 value (limousine)
Drive trainFront wheel drive transversely, all-wheel (optional from 2015)
Suspension frontMcPherson
Suspension rearMultilink
BrakesDisks, front internally ventilated
Wheels215/60 R 16 (6,5")
up to 235/40 R 19 (8")
Wheelbase2.850 mm
Turning circle11.900 mm
Tank capacity
Kerb weight*
Top speed
Purchase priceFrom approx 27,000 euros (Trend)
From approx 30,000 euros (Titanium)
From approx 35,000 euros (Hybrid)
Year of manufactureFrom 2014 (Europe)
*Turnier + approx 20 kg

BodyLimousine 4-doorLimousine 5-doorTurnier 5-door
Length4.871 mm4.871 mm4.867 mm
Width1.852/2.121 mm1.852/2.121 mm1.852/2.121 mm
Height1.482 mm1.482 mm1.501 mm

The Mondeo is available not until two years after the Fusion e.g., in USA, because the Genk plant was closed and it is now produced exclusively in Valencia. It has a one-box design in Europe, whether as a sedan or estate car always with through-loading facility and a large tailgate.

So far sold 4.5 million times

Up front it is still similar an Aston Martin and sometimes its lateral silhouette is compared with the Jaguar XF. Under the sheet metal, however, it is an enlarged Ford Focus, with which it of course also shares a lot of engines, including the not yet directly available three-cylinder with a displacement of one liter (see above).

Typical America: All electrically ...

There are good and less good takeovers of USA. Among the good is certainly the programmable key, about the we reported here. A model for others also could be the inflatable belt (Figure 8) rear, not just for kids and older people. Annoying are the various noises, for example, this car produces when closing the tailgate and when forgetting to wear the safety belt.

Electrically adjustable steering column in series

Whether the Americans make so much better except noise? Is it really necessary that a double steering wheel adjustment is done electrically? Ford vehicles have always been oriented more to practice than on luxury, at least in Europe. How often one adjusts such a steering wheel in an entire life cycle of the vehicle, even if several people drive it? Would it have been too elaborated to make this available as an extra? What would the company's founder Henry say, the very late the starter let in the T-model?

Shift paddles even in the basic version

And if we are already critical, then one has to restrain oneself at the speech input yet. After all, one learns to let the other finish speaking, but also and especially because it is only a machine. But just like this the conversations sounds. And if then still driving noises happen, it is not far to the early use of an ear trumpet. 10/14