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Ford V8

Three great exploits can be assigned to Henry Ford: The T-model together with the flow-production, the model A with, in the beginnig, the biggest buyer storm of all time and the V8 for everybody.

That takes courage to want to score points even in the economic crisis with more cylinders, but only 300 cm3 more displacement than the existing four-cylinder. Ford seemed to hate six-cylinders, especially as competitor General Motors had such a one and had become number 1 in the nine-month work break between the models T and A before Ford.

Ford's merit was the insistence on the simple design. Since it had side-mounted valves, which are almost directly driven by the camshaft in the middle of the 'V', it could be cast in one piece except the cylinder head, which is a very simple construction in this case.

Even if you have only a little interest in the special features of old engine technology, nevertheless you should watch the video below, especially the middle section, which gives you unique insights into the test program for individual engine parts.

Ford won the Rallye Monte Carlo in 1936.

No question, such a well-balanced engine still runs like a clockwork, with more than 60 percent more power and less than 10 percent more displacement compared to the four-cylinder engine. 06/17