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  Programmable Key

You may well have a divided opinion about the new MyKey system, first introduced by Ford in 2012. But obviously there is demand for it, otherwise one would not offer it. Basically, it's about setting boundaries recalcitrant offspring in their teens. It will probably be irrelevant in the future, whether the car is just borrowed or belongs the respective child.

As the name suggests, the expansion is in the vehicle key. It can long since more, than just a car release/secure. Here various data can be saved, the e.g. the workshop reception facilitates the work. In our case, the parents should take in hand the component or maybe even the worried wife?

In any case, you can restrict so within certain limits, the maximum speed. Similarly, the volume of the radio. The system goes much further, if the seat belt is not worn: Intensified warning signals and no more radio. The question is whether all the features of the American system also will come to Europe, so e.g. that after teen driving rather before an empty tank is warned.

Also should not be possible to switch off certain safety features such as ESP. Such a function would also be good for some adults. Ford shines in Euro NCAP anyway with its vehicle fleet and this likely standard MyKey system adds a few extra points.

And also for all people without education problems but with mobile phone in the car, the system keeps ready an important function, namely event of an accident to request assistance without detours and this help simultaneously specify the location of the accident. 12/12