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Alfa Junior Z

Alfa Junior Z
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1570 cm³
Bore * stroke78 * 82 mm
Engine controlDOHC (chain)
Cylinder head/blockAluminum, cast iron, wet-cylinder liners
Mixture preparation2 Dual carburetors
Torque156 Nm at 2800 rpm
Power80 kW (109 HP)
Nominal rotation speed6000 rpm
DesignFront engine, rear-wheel drive
Suspension (front)Double wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar
Suspension (rear)Rigid axle, coil springs, wishbone, anti-roll bar
Wheelbase2360 mm
Tyres165 HR 14, 185/70 HR 14
DesignCarrozzeria Zagato
Length4000 mm
Tank capacity50 liter
WeightApprox. 950 kg + driver
Maximum speedApprox. 190 km/h
Construction period1972 - 1975

Always there have been firms specialized on the design of car coachworks. This was much more common before World War II, though, because this was the time of the frames (chassis). The body was in the hands of well-organized handicraft firms, along with the woodworks and upholstery. When the self-supporting frames were introduced, handicraft firms vanished, or they managed to transform into industrial enterprises. They build coupes and convertibles, cars produced in low numbers, not profitable for the big mother company. An example of such a successful transition is the company Zagato Centrostile. In 1972 this company surprisingly launched a special, quite different body on the basis of the Junior Z.

It was all the more surprising as the shape of the Junior Z was highly appreciated. The production from sheet metal is so costly that the sales price of the Coupe is topped by 25%. But with its appealing shape the car found customers. The shape does not reflect beauty, it is rather provocative, and wants to win races. The whole racing apparatus of the GTAs is open for this car.               Top of page               Index
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