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Alfa Romeo
2015 Giulia
2014 Giulietta Sprint
2013 4C
2010 Giulietta
2008 MiTo
2007 Alfa 8C Spider
2003 147 GTA
2000 147
1980 Alfa GTV 6
1974 Alfetta GT
1972 Junior Z
1972 Alfetta
1972 Engine-Alfasud
1972 Alfasud
1970 Montreal
1968 Carabo prototype
1967 33 Stradale
1967 T33
1967 F 12
1966 Duetto Spider
1965 Giulia GTA
1963 Giulia Sprint
1962 2600 Sprint
1962 Giulia Super
1960 Giulietta Spri. Zagato
1958 Giulietta Spr. Speziale
1955 1900 Super Berlina
1954 Giulietta Spider
1954 Giulietta Sprint
1954 Giuletta TI
1951 159
1950 1900
1938 12 C
1935 8C 2,9
1931 Cabrio 8C 2,3
1931 6C 1750
1931 8C 2,6
1930 Grand Sport Motor
1930 6C Grand Sport
1924 P2
1924 RM Sport
1920 20-30 ES
1914 La Bomba
1913 40/60 HP
1911 15 HP
1910 24 HP
1908 Darracq

Alfa Giulietta

Alfa Giulietta
Length4351 mm
Width1798 mm
Height1465 mm
Payload volume min/max350 liter
Kerb weight1365 - 1385 kg incl. driver
Maximum speed
Manufacture2010 -

A sense of history (100 years Alfa)

A car with a feminine name. It is the successor of the 147, but refers to the beginning of the Alfa-growth after the Second World War. See in theleft column several representatives with this famous name. In 1977, the name will be revitalised for the start of the series transaxle.

No real bonds with Seat

The company is in the process to reflect not only their history but also to their virtues. That means for the compact class a body, which produces more surge of adrenaline compared with its main opponents. That was already with the 147 so, despite the inelegant naming.

Novel engine control

Now with this, one will hopefully - thank to Fiat - take a U-turn, that is the unfortunate weight gain (of the larger models) not fitting into the surrounding. At least through this for the whole concern obligatory platform, one is competitive again.

Novel valve control

As expected, feels it in fuel consumption, too. In doing so, the engines of the concern with its Multiair system have to offer quite news. In this case controls only one camshaft the exhaust valves directly, while the intake valves are operated by a variable hydraulic cushion, quite comparable to BMW's fully variable valve timing.

In series with control of vehicle dynamics

The rest is quickly told. A only on the front seats easily accessible body with just different head space, but usual class luggage capacity, can be very pleasant to drive, winding country roads will be hurried through easily and without ignoring the spring system completely.

Strongest version with two-wheel drive.

With 'Quadrifoglio Verde' there is a sporting version with 1.8-liter, turbocharged and 173 kW. It is without four-wheel drive, but with the other versions is the possible locking differential common. Then are at much higher original price and consumption special driving performances possible.

Sportive-economical Diesel engines

The noise a little getting used to.

Tough competition by e.g. BMW 1 series