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Alfa Giulietta Sprint

One has heard scarcely anything of the traditional car brand Alfa Romeo in recent times. Rumours of an alleged intended takeover by VW did not fall silent for a long time. Fiat CEO Marchionne had to speak a word of command. At the same time, Fiat has no more a profitable plant in Italy and is moved also with the corporate headquarters.

However, there is hope for Alfa. New cars should be in development. Fiat earns money again on the by now one hundred percent participation at Chrysler. And there provide possibilities above the small Fiat models respectively below of the Maserati. It will be interesting to see how far Alfa, similar to Lancia, must accept American demands.

No, a Chrysler only with Alfa typeplate can not be imagined. But in the automotive sector new developments need time. The new Giulietta Sprint model while away the time, of course, once again taking up on the beautiful Coupé from 1954 (pictures 2 and 1). The Giulietta is a pretty car. One can only hope that its example will not become too dominant.

Because the differences from the 'normal' Giulietta are small. Not the most powerful engines are available in this model, but the most energy-efficient petrol and diesel engines. New, the petrol engine with 110 kW (150 HP). In addition, the data for kerb weight sound promising. Most has been done at the optics, the rear bumper with air intake, larger exhaust tips and Alcantara interior with decorative stitching and Sprint emblem (picture 5). The fans of really new Alfa models will have to wait yet a little. 10/14

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