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Alfa Romeo P2

Alfa P2 1924/1930
EngineIn-line eight-cylinder
Displacement1987/2006 cm³
Bore * stroke61/61,5 * 85 mm
Performance129 kW (175 PS)
Rated speed5500/min
Suspension f/rRigid axles, leaf springs,
ConstructionVittorio Jano
Construction period1924 - 1930

Race Winners (extractions)
1924200 Miles Cremona (Ascari)
1924GP Europe in France (Campari)*
1924GP Monza (Ascari)
1925GP Europa in Spa (Ascari)*
*Double wins

Enzo Ferrari is now the manager of the race team; rarely will he take the steering wheel himself. He already in 1923 headhunted the gifted designer Vittorio Jano from Fiat and before Luigi Bazzi. The P2 develops as a car that essentially contributes to the racing fame of Alfa Romeo. Driver like Ascari and Nuvolari belong to the racing team, drivers still known today. If the regulations were not altered to a maximum of 1.5 litres of cubic capacity in 1926, the P2 would probably have won forever. In any case, the car remains active until 1930 in another league. The green cloverleaf against a white background announces the red racers in whole Europe.

The P2 is the first deed of the newly employed designer Vittorio Jano. The fine racing engine, for the first time with compressor, together with Alfa's Grand Prix victories, laid the foundation-stone for the later success of the enterprise. The pride becomes visible also in the brand logo which until 1945 was surrounded by a laurel wreath.               Top of page               Index
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