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  Alfa Montreal

World first: steering-linked rear axle

Old-timer fans so far do not really account for this car; it is still the least expensive vehicle in its category. Anyhow, this car by Marcello Gandini (Bertone) may not fear the sportive competitors of its time, except maybe for its chassis. The name is derived from the world exhibition in Montreal (Canada), where the prototype (picture 2) was introduced.

A theory about this car is interesting as it points out that the initial concept of this car included a middle engine, which was changed afterwards into a front engine. One could almost believe this, because the prototype has even more of the very striking aerial grids behind the doors than the later standard model. However, obviously there is no confirmation for this theory, rather a clear opposite standpoint of Mr. Gandini himself.

Thus we go with the front engine conception which ought to take over at first the 78-kW four cylinder (106 HP) engine and the chassis of the 105 series due to a pressure of time, but after being assigned to the small-batch manufacturing another engine derived from the Tipo 33 is chosen for, as well as a few substantial changes in the drive train. Still noteworthy is the mechanical fuel injection pump. Unfortunately, the car does not turn into a sales success.

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