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  Alfa 4C

Quite comparable with the 8C it is not because the had a front mid-engine in transaxle design, while having the 4C equipped with a transverse mid-engine rear. Technically speaking the entire front end moves to the rear, what you can see in the somewhat unusual name McPherson for the rear axle.

For the kerb weight this is quite advantageous, only its distribution suffers somewhat with 40: 60. But for that the new one is with 61,000 euros well 100,000 euros cheaper than the 8C and has a really impressive kerb weight of just 900 kg. Based on a similarity with the 8C, the chassis of carbon, upwards in composite construction with aluminum.

It has only four instead of eight cylinders for what the type designation is exactly, but should need nevertheless breathtaking 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. At the governed top speed you can anyway no longer recognize the power of today's high performers. It does not even take advantage with 1750 cc, the two-liter of a four cylinder thanks to turbocharging.

Yet another difference to the 8C: it is being built around the world in 1000 instead of 500 editions. So that it should stand as carbon car relatively unique already. Here obviously the Fiat Group exercises for future mass production. If the (sole) electric drive might not establishes but on carbon as a material for future cars, you can bet. 03/13

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