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Alfa Giulietta Sprint Zagato

Alfa Giulietta Sprint Zagato
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, bore * stroke1290 cm³ (74,0 mm * 75,0 mm)
CrankshaftFivefold beared
Compression ratio9,7 : 1
Engine controlDOHC
Mixture preparation2 twin carburettors
Valves2 per cylinder
Torque113 Nm at 5000 rpm
Performance73 kW (100 HP) at 6500 rpm
Drive trainFront engine, rear drive
ClutchSingle disc, dry
TransmissionManual five-speed
Wheelbase2.250 mm
Suspension frontDouble wishbone, coil springs
Suspension rearRigid axle, coil springs, 1 Dreiecks- und 2 Längslenker
Brakes f/rDiscs/Drums
Brakes155 R 15 (5")
Length3.800 mm
Width1.550 mm
Height1.220 mm
Kerb weight850 kg + driver
Top speed200 km/h
Years of manufacture1957 - 1962

60 years Giulietta ...

Alfa Romeo approaches the middle class after the Second World War, not the vehicles, but the buyer. One no longer manufactures elitist small series and simultaneously exploits the racing fame from before the war.

The result is a sports car with impressive drive. 73 kW (100 hp) are exceptionally for a naturally aspirated 1300cc even today, at that time a sensation, in addition different body structures, the work of numerous automotive body builders.

Here is the most impressive, a lightweight construction made from aluminum, which not only by the cut rear of Kamm (Figure 2) is said to have an excellent aerodynamics. Unfortunately, probably because of the price of more than DM 20,000 (21,500 Swiss francs) built just under fifty times only.

Elio Zagato is a clear unconventional type in the series of the northern Italian body artists. At the bottom of this page you can see the video of the TZ3 with the same rear end, built by Zagato for the hundredth birthday of Alfa Romeo 4 years ago.

Let me still shortly enthuse about the engine, here in its 'sharpest' series format. Although a somewhat delicate diva, but provided with all that was then regarded as an achievement, including aluminum block, DOHC and corresponding combustion chambers, two 40 Weber twin carburettors not to forget. 11/14               Top of page               Index
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