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Alfa Romeo Ricotti

The population had mixed feelings regarding the test drives of Count Ricotti, and nicknamed his vehicle 'La Bomba'. Although cars did not yet exist for a long time, a certain picture had already asserted itself, as to how they had to look like. In any case, the drop-shaped vehicle with its aluminum skin did not fit any one of these images. The front was the most car-like, a fan was recognizable, but the rest of the car showed much more resemblance with a missile. The body was built, according to the ideas of the count, by Carrozzeria Castagna in Milano, still active today. It was driven by the same engine as the type HP 40-60, which was Alfa's strongest four cylinder engine at that time.

In terms of aerodynamics, the whole effort was worthwhile. Due to the special bodywork, the vehicle was nearly 30 km/h faster than the original. Only in our time, modern vehicles with similar cross section surfaces may excel the excellent stream-line of the Aerodinamica of 1914. It was never a sales success, though. Whether this was due to the shape or the start of the First World War remains unsettled.

It will probably not have been without danger to drive on the roads at that time with such a high center of gravity and coach chassis even approximately to drive as fast.

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