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Alfa Giulietta Sprint Speziale

Alfa Giulietta Sprint Speziale
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement (bore*stroke)
Crankshaft5 main bearings
Compression ratio9,7 : 1
Engine controlDohc
Valves2 per cylinder
Mixture preparation2 double Weber-carburetors
Drivetrain designFront engine, rear drive
ClutchSingle-disc, dry
TransmissionManual five-speed
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionRigid axle, 1 triangle and 2 longitudinal arms
BrakesDrums, hydraulic
Length4.120 mm
Width1.660 mm
Height1.245 mm
Kerb weight860 kg + driver
Maximum speed200 km/h
Manufactured1958 - 1966

Lightweight by aluminum body ...

Alfa experiments with aerodynamics in those years. And it will be implemented at Bertone by chief designer Franco Scaglione, the predecessor of Giorgio Giugiaro. Most futuristic vehicles results from this. It is the time when prototypes are still far from the series.

Only then we can explain that there are finally three versions of a coupe derived of the Giulietta limousine. The type Sprint Speziale shown here has its roots in an aerodynamic, which it allows with souped-up 1300 cm ³ nearly 200 km/h, at that time an absolute sensation.

This requires a certain length, which the relationship to the wheelbase does not appear to be harmonically. After all, Scaglione has omitted the wings and fins of the previous prototypes. Also, thereby the rear window is one-piece. Remained, however, are beside the long rear with the tear-off edge the almost as slowly increasing front end and the "rumps" above the front wheels.

Why is the car not successful? Because there is a 'normal' coupe and in addition, a racing version of Zagato, which is even faster with more radical rear end, less weight and better handling. With its humble acceptance the Sprint Spezial Coupe will still benefit since 1963 from a stronger engine, connected with the name change to Giulia.

Replaced by Giorgio Giugiaro is in 1959 the chief designer Scaglione, although he founded once the company with Bertone. His B.A.T. 9 is likely to remain in remembrance because of its spectacular appearance, although from the public incorrectly translated with 'bat' and the scientific approach was not even detected.

Scaglione himself has after leaving the company few luck. You can read it here. 10/11               Top of page               Index
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