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Alfa Romeo
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  Alfa Romeo F 12

Alfa F 12
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement1290 cm³
Bore * stroke74 * 75 mm
Compression9,0 : 1
Cylinder head/blockAluminum
Engine controlDOHC (chain)
Torque104 Nm at 4900 rpm
Performance60 kW (82 HP)
Rated speed6000 rpm
Drive trainFront-wheel drive (longitudinal)
TransmissionFour-speed (ZF)
Suspension f/rIndependent wheel suspension
Brakes f/rDiscs/drums
Construction period1967 - 1983
PredecessorAlfa Romeo 2

In the large range of Alfa's offerings there is also a transporter. Alfa does not produce a special transporter engine; indeed, it is equipped with the same sporty (and expensive) engine that also graces the sedans, coupes and convertibles. But the substructure differs. The Transporter has a longitudinal engine coupled with front-wheel drive. The engine is arranged in front of the front axle and leaves only place for two persons. If necessary, the engine manages high numbers of revolution, however, because of his exposed position, the comparison to his engine brothers is only meager, because the mechanical noise insulation is too weak. The second disadvantage is the narrowness of the engine compartment, which barely allows changes to the engine.

Otherwise the vehicle with independent suspension on all wheels is almost more advanced than the other Alfas of that time, though a bit long-legged. The loading space remains continuously flat, and there are enough doors. Nevertheless, this transporter belongs to the very rare old-timers.